Why “The Dotty Ones” as our company name and brand? It’s because we embrace all things quirky and a little crazy!

We are a multi-faceted creative company that puts emphasis on visual statements, and believe that a good photo is not just a photograph; it is a picture that tells a story and stirs up emotions within you. We offer fashion and wedding photography, fashion styling, as well as rental and sale of clothing and accessories.

Most of all, rest easy that although we might seem a little silly, we take our work very seriously and professionally. We give you only our very best.

Charmaine Chan – Stylist & Fashion Designer

Currently a designer at a local childrenswear label, Charmaine creates clothing that not only kids love, but their stylish mothers too! In her spare time, she dabbles in styling and freelance design projects.

The process of both designing and styling gives her great satisfaction, especially after the final product is ready, as she feels that she has helped create an engaging look.

Wayne Lim & Darrell Tan – Photographer

Wayne started out in fashion and editorial photography while Darrell specializes in wedding photography, occasionally dabbling in food & product photography. Although both photographers stepped into the world of photography in different ways, they believe strongly in the same philosophy – that a photo is not just a photograph. It is an image that captures both emotion and passion. Incorporating both of their individual strengths and common beliefs, Wayne and Darrell strive to create work that is unique and has spirit.


Harpers Bazaar & Ion Photography Competition – Honorary Mention, Singapore (Exhibited at Ion by Harpers Bazaar)
Glenlivet: The Perfect Shot Competition – Most Promising Young Photographer Award, Singapore
CampFire: Snap the Dancers – Honorary Mention, Singapore (Exhibited at Art House)