image Whimsy Gypsy!

Whimsy Gypsy.. Hmm where did that name come from. The last quirky shoot was for A/W 2013 with our cool invention “Jellyfish brolly” but now we have a new challenger! Let us introduce you to this new pair of quirky sisters!

It’s been awhile since we did something quirky again. Remember in one of our previous posts when we mentioned about the dry spell in Singapore? Well, the situation hasn’t changed a bit! Even while we are writing this post, the weather is HOT HOT HOT and it has just gotten worse with the haze coming back. We took opportunity of the dry spell for the shoot. Really nice shades of greens and browns that you hardly see in Singapore.


Ok now, enough of the dry spell and back to the theme. Two quirky sisters we have here and we can’t decide who the elder one should be. They are basically a pair of messy, messy sisters. Messy hair and messy eaters as you can see food stuck in their hair :3

The priorities of this shoot are quirkiness, quirkiness and quirkiness. Don’t ask how we thought of all these ideas; our photographer literally pulled it out of his arse – he thought of these while in the W.C. – Maybe a little TMI but that’s the truth.

In short the shoot is split into 4 sub-themes. See if you can spot them.
1) Eggs before and after
2) The tamjiak sisters
3) Windmills (This is not difficult at all)
4) Go fly kite

PS: Pardon the Singlish names.


The shoot was fairly smooth sailing. No rain but plenty of sunshine. We started off at 6 am. (To have our breakfast) while the MUA has been working on the models since 4:30am – WHOOPIE.

We reached the destination at 7am and started shooting an hour later. The shoot had to end by 10:45am as it was just too bright and hot for the models to open their eyes, but we still managed to finish it off nicely within 2.45 hours.


We wanted to keep the nice warm feel of the location and weather so this is also probably the first all-natural lighting shoot we had. But of course this could not possible be achieved without our voice-activated mobile reflector stand. Special thanks to our VAMRS.


The photography part of the setup and gear are pretty simple for this shoot. Reflectors, camera and only 1 lens. However, it was a different story for the props. The amount of props the stylist had to craft out is remarkable. If we don’t mention that all these props are done by a stylist you might have thought we had engaged a carpenter somewhere in pre-prod. When we say “all” it includes that arch thingie in the background. YUP that’s one huge arch – models are close to 180cm by the way so you can imagine how huge that was.

Setup of the scene was also extremely time-consuming. We activated the whole team including the MUA to help setup the scenes. Like a bunch of workers trying to piece everything together and get the arch to stand. Imagine Legos dancing around the background. *Everything is awesomeee*

Now enough of our introduction on the quirky sisters! (which is about 5% of the stuff we wrote). Sit back. Relax. And continue scrolling.



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