Dry Spell x Singapore

Nope Nope Nope!

Have you guessed where is this place yet?

If you haven’t figure out where these family portraits were taken then take a closer look at the title of this post and that’s the answer – SINGAPORE! And just to clarify, there’s absolutely no Photoshop here, only Lightroom to resize the images 🙂 You can kinda say it’s SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) since these are from JPEGs ripped straight out from camera.

Thanks to the lovely family we have here. We pulled this off in 15 mins – Baby doesn’t like the sun 😦

Now enough of the techie bits. Singapore, although being such a humid island, has been in this dry spell for quite a while. If you can be a little less zombified while going to and fro work everyday, you probably will notice that everything is in Autumn colours now. COOL! So now go pick up your camera and trawl for that sweater in your wardrobe that has never seen the scorching Singapore sun before. It’s time to drag your loved ones out to nature and spend an hour or two pretending it’s Autumn. 🙂

Just a precaution, remember to drink lots of water and remember to slather on sunblock! If you prefer to be in the photo with your family, you can drop us a mail and enquire about our rates. 😉

TDO_1033 TDO_1023 TDO_1013 TDO_1007


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