Frolick Frolick!

Remember the shoot with Little Tiffany Blue as our prop? In case you don’t, it’s a cool blue Vespa with horns that sound like Donald Duck. We have been itching to share some shots from the shoot and finally the lookbook is now out on L’zzie’s website! Hurray!

As usual, do read on to see the rest of the series. Visit L’zzie to buy their new awesome collection and Like our Facebook page if you like our work!

TDO_0390_edit2 TDO_0658_edit TDO_0652_edit TDO_0631_edit TDO_0623_edit TDO_0582_edit2 TDO_0537_edit TDO_0520_edit2 TDO_0517_edit2 TDO_0471_edit TDO_0462_edit2 TDO_0436_edit2 TDO_0417_edit2



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