Elisa Litz A/W 2013

Oops.. really getting old. Another of our “Better late than nothing series”. Shot this lookbook earlier in mid year for Elisa Litz and we completely forgot to upload it! Thankfully, we’re one of their loyal followers on Facebook. Now that the lookbook is launched, it’s time for us to share the photos as well. 🙂

1381437_715014318527402_771837306_n 1383761_715014321860735_2020281853_n 73253_715014335194067_650742682_n 734376_715014245194076_997703894_n 1390663_715014228527411_498013295_n 1378706_715014225194078_821941548_n 1383829_715014178527416_856501638_n 1380414_715014181860749_2033890269_n 1424440_715014165194084_1406303288_n 1385960_715014135194087_551556586_n 935139_715014125194088_695818614_n 1424291_715014118527422_1058633158_n 1385666_715014081860759_1417846353_n 1001239_715014075194093_1109967380_n 995873_715014071860760_471795354_n


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