Behind the Scenes

Just to share some behind the scenes photos before another shoot tomorrow. So besides all those shoots that have we done outdoors.. this is what happens behind the scenes on a regular weekend studio shoot. That’s our photographer Darrell here in the studio. No idea why he is dressed up like Barney that day, but just want to reassure you guys that this is definitely not our working attire.



The same pair of shoe we used for the previous outdoor shoot. It’s a beautiful pair of shoes done by the designer / stylist. (By the way those are not my sweat or drool. No idea what are those).

While Darrell is testing the lighting setup I’m busy taking snapshots of the wardrobe… but of course thats after I’ve done my part helping him to setup 😛


Tethered camera is a must. Yup that’s me in grey on the iPad. Like I said earlier we don’t usually dress up as Barneys.


While we setting up at the front, this is our model and MUA playing dress up behind the curtains.


Each shoot usually runs from morning to late afternoon. We have to work across lunch since there are so many products to shoot, but luckily our clients are very nice to us so they always make sure that we don’t starve to death in the process. 🙂

Yes! Models do eat junk food like any of us, and yet they still look so slim!!! The next time round I shall ask the models what’s their trade secret to staying slim. Meanwhile it’s time for us to rest for the day because tomorrow is another 5am shoot.


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