Frolick Frolick!

Remember the shoot with Little Tiffany Blue as our prop? In case if you don’t remember, it a cool blue Vespa with horns that sound like Donald Duck. We have been itching to share some shots from the shoot and finally the look book is out now on L’zzie’s website! Hurray!

As usual, do read on to see the rest of the series. Visit L’zzie to buy their new awesome collection and Like our Facebook page if you like our work!

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Elisa Litz A/W 2013

Oops.. really getting old. Another of our “Better late than nothing series”. Shot this lookbook earlier in mid year for Elisa Litz and we completely forgotten to upload it! Thankfully we’re one of their loyal followers on facebook. Now that the lookbook is launched, it time for us to share the photos as well. :)

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Meet Little Tiffany Blue!

Seems like our props are getting bigger as we go on. Meet our star of the day! Little Tiffany Blue!  Stay tune and watch this space while we sort out the post-production mayhem. Can’t wait to share the photos from this shoot.

PS: BTW. Besides the retro look and pretty blue shade, it’s got a cool horn that sounds like Donald Duck too. ;)

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