A guide to fairy land

We haven’t been posting for quite some time as we were busy with a number of studio shoots for our client’s upcoming product releases (we also took a short break to Chiang Mai but that’s another story). Anyway, now let’s share with you what we did for L’zzie‘s Summer shoot!

It was a fine Sunday morning. We had recced the place a couple of times before and the place that day was no different. Weather was good and not too hot.

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Marc and Molly’s at Blueprint!

Our client Marc and Molly’s will be exhibiting at Blueprint. Do check out their booth at Suntec from 15 to 18 May when you are there! http://blueprint.sg/brands/marc-and-mollys.

Due to this our work is also gaining some publicity. We strongly encourage all our clients to participate more trade show! :p

Rest of the shots are here!

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Frolick Frolick!

Remember the shoot with Little Tiffany Blue as our prop? In case if you don’t remember, it a cool blue Vespa with horns that sound like Donald Duck. We have been itching to share some shots from the shoot and finally the look book is out now on L’zzie’s website! Hurray!

As usual, do read on to see the rest of the series. Visit L’zzie to buy their new awesome collection and Like our Facebook page if you like our work!

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